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Driving School Requirements

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​​​​​​These requirements are set by the RMV of Massachusetts. The law states that any individual under the age of 18 yrs. must complete a certified drivers education course in order to be eligible for a Massachusetts Drivers License Road Test. This also will enable the individual to receive an insurance discount. (This benefits drivers ages 16 1/2 to 25 yrs. of age.)

Drivers' Education Course Requirements:

30 hours of classroom instruction

12 hours of driving behind the wheel with a licensed, certified instructor

6 hours of observation of another student

40 hours of home-driving with parents

2-hour parents (only) class, which must be attended before the student can apply for the license road test

​Any missed requirements must be made up before a driver's education certificate can be issued!

A form will need to be filled out with personal information on the first day of class.

Information needed:

  • Mom's number and e-mail
  • Dad's number and e-mail
  • Son's or Daughter's number, e-mail, and date of birth
  • Address (city and/or town)
  • High School attending, if applicable
  • ​Permit number, if they already have it